Turnkey Dental supply Endos AC-ACP wall mounted, large OPG X-Ray machines and Rotograph 3D machines produced by the company Villa Systemi

Following the incredible success of the innovative digital panoramic unit
Rotograph Prime, Villa Sistemi Medicali enriches its product portfolio with
the new CBCT unit Rotograph Prime 3D.

Rotograph Prime 3D has been designed as a comprehensive diagnostic tool
which provides any Dental Practice an easy transition to the most advanced
imaging technologies through an affordable investment for everyone.
The operational flexibility of Rotograph Prime 3D assures Dental practitioners
a rapid return on investment.

Rotograph Prime 3D can perform several exams, widening the clinical possibilities
of a dental diagnostic system. In addition to the conventional 2D
panoramic exam, the unit performs various 3D exams, ranging from routine
Dental examinations to the acquisition of more information for patients with
periodontal disease, in need of implant placement, and more.

This is all made possible thanks to the advanced technology integrated into
the Rotograph Prime 3D. Simple controls, the intuitive user interface and its
leading-edge design make Rotograph Prime 3D the perfect solution for any
dental practice.

PRICE – ONLY £29,995 + VAT


rotograph 3d images
Rotagraph Prime 3D

Rotograph Prime

Rotograph Prime is the first in a new generation of digital panoramic units, featuring advanced imaging technology together with a compact, practical yet elegant body machine. This clever combination of technology and simplicity enables the Rotograph Prime to produce high-quality images effortlessly, providing immediate diagnoses and faster daily workflows.

Cutting-edge technology and design

The most eye-catching features of Rotograph Prime are its elegant design and its original wall installation system, which are the result of Villa’s capacity of innovation and creativity in panoramic dental units design.

The cutting-edge design, with its curved surfaces and sleek lines, makes Rotograph Prime easier to use and optimizes its ergonomics, providing at the same time a nice and attractive look; as a result, patients feel more relaxed when they come into contact with the device perceiving in this way an altogether more pleasant examination experience.

The Rotograph Prime’s exceptional value for money and linear design mean it can be integrated into any dental practice, improving efficiency as well as enhancing modernity and technological value.

Innovative wall mounting

The Rotograph Prime’s dynamic and elegant design highlights its excellent functionality in its unique mechanical structure, made of a lightweight compact body, which enables an innovative wall installation solution; the unit has a very small wall footprint and takes up minimal operating space, which means it can be mounted almost anywhere inside the practice.

Together with the intelligent design of its dual-function packaging, the Rotograph Prime’s compactness makes it quick and easy to install – one person can install it in just two simple steps: fixing the base to the wall, and then easing the unit upwards and connecting it to the mains electricity. It is now ready for use. Installation is extremely fast, so as not to interrupt the daily operations of the dental practice.


Endograph DC

Villa Endograph DC

  • New generation, DC high frequency x-ray unit for reduced x-ray dosage and best image quality.
  • wall-mounted
  • rectangular collimator as standard
  • wireless exposure switch
  • easy to use, large LCD display
  • film / digital (phosphor plate) / digital (sensor) anatomical exposure presets
  • suitable for use with digital x-ray systems
  • small focal spot 0.5mm for best image quality

Endos ACP

Endos ACP 70Kv Wall Mounted X-Ray

• Price includes installation to correct services.
• Test Pack £100 extra

ONLY £1,795+VAT*

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